How much does solar cost?

There are a lot of variables, two main variables are the amount of energy you are currently using, and the amount of roof space in the south, southwest, and southeast directions.

How much will I save when I go Solar?

We like to eliminate 95% of your electric bill. With that said it isn’t always possible. On average we help our customers save around $150 each month, but that can vary from $60-$250 monthly savings.

How/when will I receive my rebate?

If you are in a location that offers a rebate then the rebate will go to us (DKD ENERGY) so we subtract your rebate amount from your total cost before we finance the loan. In short you get your rebate immediately, we have to wait about 2 months after install before we receive the rebate.

Do I get a tax credit?

Yes everybody who installs solar is eligible to receive a tax credit. How ever the amount will vary on your taxable income. So we recommend you talk to your CPA or Accountant.
If for any reason you can’t get the full rebate the first year you can spread the rebate amount over up to 5 years. So unless you don’t pay any taxes you should get your full tax credit back.

How long does it take before my solar starts working?

The process is a lot of paperwork. the following are the main steps in the installation process. (typically 3months)
1) HOA approval 30 days
2) City permit
3) Power company approval
4) Install 2-5 days
5) City inspection
6) Power Company final inspection
7) Power Company installs new PV meter
8) We turn on your solar system!

How do I pay for my solar system?

Most common way is by using our financing options.
1) Refinance your MTG and we role your solar loan into it so your monthly payment is very low.
2) Zero down Zero % and Zero Payments for the first 12 months. Refinance after 12 months if needed.
3) Two Part Loan Zero down Zero % and Zero payments on the tax credit portion then make monthly payments on the remaining portion. 5,10,15, and 20 yr terms available.

How many years will it take to get a return on my investment?

It varies on your power company. Your Energy Consultant will be able to answer that for you.

Can I install solar on my business?

Usually we can, there are a few limitations. Call Now so see if you will qualify.
Why Solar?
Our mission is to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision when organizing a solar installation. Purchasing a solar power system for your home or business is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Quality and service vary widely in this industry, so choose a knowledgeable company that uses quality equipment and has a proven track record. We have a solution for any budget.With your solar energy system, we help you take simple and effective action on climate change with “clean” energy harnessed directly from the sun. Our philosophy is to provide you with a fully functioning and accredited solar energy system installation, avoiding unnecessary technical jargon. This winning formula has been received as a breath of fresh air in the industry.The National Renewable Energy Laboratory offers a useful guide when determining how much your property’s value will go up. According to its research, each additional $1 in energy bill savings (from your solar installation) adds $20 to your home’s total value. Learn more below. Nation wide estimates your home can be have an extra $20,000- $40,000 in value.Warren Buffett is investing even more into Solar!

http://pvwatts.nrel.gov/Solar Basics: http://www.nrel.gov/learning/re_solar.htmlSolar Photovaltaic Technology: http://www.nrel.gov/learning/re_photovoltaics.htmlSolar Radiation Map: Texas is a great location for solar!


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Integrated Ground: Eliminates the need for a Grounding Electrode Conductor (GEC) for the micro-inverter
High performance: Significant energy harvest gains and higher system availability with no single point of failure.
Best-in-class 96.5% CEC efficiency
Reliable: Industry-leading manufacturing and quality standards create a ruggedized product for all environments
Safe: No high-voltage DC in the system means peace of mind and cost reductions
Simple: Reduced design and install costs with superior flexibility for all projects
Intelligent: Precision insights enable faster, easier system and fleet management