Simple ways to celebrate Earth Day!

Simple Ways to Celebrate Earth Day!


Celebrate Earth Day with DKD Energy!

Here are some meaningful ways you can make a difference on Earth Day and throughout the entire year.


1.) Give your car a break.

Conserve your gasoline and limit your emissions for a day. Walk, run or ride a bike—use it as an opportunity to get some exercise!


2.) Get planting.

It’s the perfect time to plant vegetable seedlings and herbs. Planting trees and bushes makes your home beautiful but also absorbs CO2 from the air.


3.) Volunteer.

There’s nothing more rewarding than joining like-minded people to accomplish something wonderful together.


4.) Unplug from technology.

Get some fresh air and enjoy Mother Earth. That’s less energy you’ll be consuming by watching TV, working on your computer, and leaving your lights on.


5.) Update your light bulbs.

Make your home more efficient and save money on your electricity bill by swapping out incandescent light bulbs for LEDs.


adjusting thremostat

6.) Be conscious of your energy use.

Turn off lights when you are not in the room. Don’t leave the water running. Take quicker showers. Adjust the temperature setting on your thermostat.


7.) Recycle, recycle, recycle.

Recycling helps reduce pollution from landfills, plus the need for new raw materials. Get the kids involved!


8.) Join the solar revolution.

When you choose to install clean energy on your home or business you are making an impact!

The average system is equivalent to planting 3249 trees a year, removing 27 cars from the road each year, or reducing 8 tons of Co2 per year!

Make a difference today!

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